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      pest control
    • Environmental Pest Program "Controls and Prevents; Roaches, Fleas, Centipedes, Scorpions, Silverfish, Ants from invading your home"

    • termite controltermite control
    • Termite Bait System "Control and Prevent Termites from invading your home"

    • mosquito control
    • Mosquito Control "Keeps pesky, disease spreading mosquitoes under control so your family can enjoy the outdoors"

Why Choose The Green Doctor?

    The Ceo of The Green Doctor Environmental Services works 24/7 for better pest control and better safety for your family and pets. Holding the highest license in the state we and our expertise go to work for you by graduating our staff from The Green Doctor Academy. We work passionately day in and day out to keep your home clean of pests and professionally serviced at affordable rates.

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