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Tips for a better lawn

  • Water at least once a week or until turf looks healthy during growing season. A good watering schedule is one 45 minute drench a week or two 30 minute watering sessons during dry or average weather.
  • Mow the turf area at a low height. If your yard does not have excessive thatch and it is not lush mulch the clippings. Mulching the clippings helps recycle nutrients back to your lawn. Cut at a height that does not remove more than 1/3 of the plant and clean and sharpen blades regularly. If you like your yard to have a carpet look, bump the setting up each month of the growing season.
  • Core aeration applications become necessary for the turf grass to thrive. Core aeration plugs holes in the turf that allow nutrients to be absorbed by the turf grass easily. It also allows increased root growth and decompacts the soil so that your turf grass can thrive.
  • Keep turf areas clear (leaves, etc.) during dormant seasons to allow pre-emergence to cover the most area.

Pest Control

If with pest control please contact us or see notes for details on what to do to assist in speeding the removal of unwanted pests. Please try to keep home clean and vacuumed.

Our service provides the following at not additional charge:

  • Soil Conditioner - this helps decompact your soil and make it more ideal for turf health. It also absorbs and retains more moisture in your soil providing more drought resistant solutions for your lawn.
  • Insect Control - Our program naturally repels certain insects that are harmful for your turf. It does not repel fleas, ticks, or chiggers naturally though. We offer those services at an additional charge.
  • PH Balancer - we have a natural ingredient we use that balances your soils PH and allows it to become ideal for turf grass health in the long run.